Supporting Other Conventions

How 1st Sensory Legion can help your convention.

As well as holding Feel the Force Day, 1st Sensory Legion are constantly advocating for better access to other conventions.

With years of experience in disability rights, support and administration, 1st Sensory Legion are perfectly placed to assist large conventions in enabling disabled people to gain full access to their events.

1st Sensory Legion offer organisers free event accessibility consultancy and for no cost will administer the distribution of tickets assigned to care and support staff.

By making appropriate amendments to enable disabled people better access to conventions and events, organisers are allowed to brand their events with the 1st Sensory Legion: Access All Areas logo which gives the convention genuine credibility within the disability community.

1st Sensory Legions requirements for this free service are:

  1. The organisers set aside a proportion of free support staff tickets,
  2. Organisers promote Feel the Force Day events through their website and allow 1st Sensory Legion to be one of the recognised charitable organisations at your event.
Protest Convention

Lets face it, you do not need this!


Helping people accessing conventions

By providing our services for free, 1st Sensory Legion remove the burden of managing this element of a convention and enable disabled people easier access to mainstream conventions.

Carer and supporter tickets are always free and are intended to make access to the conventions easier by allowing an appropriate number of supporters to gain entry to the conventions at no cost. 1st Sensory Legion manage this by checking appropriate documentation to ensure only the right people are getting the tickets.

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