1st Sensory Legion was founded in 2014 as a charitable organisation to help run Feel the Force Day events. Originally the brain child of JJ Lucia-Wright and Simon Howard.

1st Sensory Legion’s objectives are to¬†promote inclusion through the development and implementation of methods and events, to enable accessibility for disabled people and people with sensory impairments to film, television and alternative arts.

….this is a bit wordy but basically it means we want to make the world a better place for people with disabilities and sensory impairments by holding events like Feel the Force Day, creating new and interesting forms of magic and clowning, and maybe doing a bit of work with technology to make it all possible.

Since 2014 we’ve held Feel the Force Day events in Corsham in Wiltshire, Bridgwater in Somerset…twice, Portsmouth and, of course, Peterborough. In 2016 we reached over 10,000 people. Not bad considering we started as a day for 20 deafblind people in a working mens club.

We have big plans for the future including our Accessible Democracy project to help people with learning disabilities to understand what the options are in elections and vote, Magic Touch, our accessible magic project.

Keep an eye on our websites for more information about our work and the people we support.

JJ and Simon

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